Escort Pricing Explained

Booking a high-class London escort has never been easier thanks to LondonEscorts.Net, we want to demystify the process, so our clients know exactly what’s going on.   
So here it is London Escorts pricing explained

One-Hour Incall 


We will start with the first-hour incall appointment (if you don’t know what I’m referring to just check out this previous blog post on the subject, Incall or Outcall which service is right for you?) this usually ranges between £120-£150 depending on the girl you’re booking.

This is the cheapest booking currently available at our agency. Many people prefer it because it’s straightforward, quick and economical.   

One-Hour Outcall   


An outcall one hr appointment is usually £50-£70 more than an incall; this covers the travelling fee which often includes a private car.

However, an outcall appointment also has it’s positive points as it’s convenient and more accessible to many clients. 

Every hour after   

You can book an appointment with one of our escorts usually for a time of 8 hours (more on that later.) But you can fundamentally shape the date to your schedule, whether that’s 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 it’s entirely up to you.

But extra hours usually vary between £100-£120 depending on the girl, so it’s probably more economical to book a two-hour appointment instead of a one-hour appointment.   

Additional 30 mins   

Sadly at the moment, we don’t do 30-minute appointments, it’s just too much logistical work for such a small amount of time.

However, we do offer an additional 30 minutes, if you’re not happy with only a 1-hour appointment.

This can be anywhere from 60-90 for an extra 30 minutes after the first hour. You can book one and a half hours initially, or you may be able to agree to an additional 30 minutes ad-hoc. 


Here we count an overnight appointment as eight hours although it should be worth noting that said eight hours can be taken during the day if that’s something you’d prefer just ask our receptionists to help arrange the appointment you. An overnight appointment usually takes place either at your home or a hotel and costs anywhere between 800-1000 and this works out to between £100-£125.   

Each girl has her own prices clearly stated on her profile for one hour, extra hours and overnights and these prices reflect our customer's experiences and the level of service you’re receiving. 
So we ask that you don’t attempt to negotiate prices, once the date is arranged, you’re expected to pay that. 

All bookings with our London Escorts have to be made in cash to your escort usually in the 15 minutes of your date.

This helps speed up the process and once you’ve got that over and done with you can then move onto other things. 

For a quick and easy price guide head on over to our price page or to learn more about read our FAQ's.