How to become a London Escort!

Being an escort in London is an unbelievable experience for those with independent spirits and friendly natures who don’t care about societal norms, this can be an incredibly fulfilling career move. 

I mean can you imagine making your current weekly wage in just one night?  


Here at London Escorts, we’re always looking to represent new girls at our agency.   

We’re happy to represent girls from across the globe, those with no experience in the escort industry and those who are looking to work casually.

But you need to know a few things beforehand…  Although we know that this career path isn’t for everyone.

You can’t be a shrinking violet and an escort as it’s your job to make sure your client feels comfortable and not the other way around. 

Confidence is vital as well as embodying a certain level of flexibility.

Sometimes bookings will change or get cancelled depending on the client, so if you’re someone who needs constant structure, then this might not be the right path for you.   

Take Kitty as a feisty Italian beauty who was living in London working as a cleaner and a nanny.

The hours were unreliable, and the pay was barely enough to cover the astronomical rent she paid to live in West London. 


Kitty had always been attracted to the idea of escorting; she liked going out and meeting new people- it’s tough to find someone who Kitty dislikes.

Plus, she always enjoyed tapping into that sensual side that she kept hidden underneath her work uniform.   

According to Kitty the idea of applying to become an escort in London was an impulse decision on her part.

She sent in some pictures and didn’t expect to hear anything back.   

Of course, when we saw Kitty we knew we had to represent her, so we took her out and gave her the rundown of how works, and she was all too thrilled to get her profile up and running.  

A big part of becoming an escort is the photographs; we like all of our London escorts to have a couple of attractive pictures that we can post.

It helps a girl get in touch with her sexual side and gives clients a better view of the sort of girl they're going to meet when they book an escort with   

There’s also a couple of technicality requirements for becoming a London Escort; firstly you’ll have to live in London (even if you’re not doing in calls.)

This is just because we can’t rely on traffic or public transport when it comes to getting you to your appointments.

You also obviously have to be age 18 or older this is a strict legal requirement that can’t be negotiated. You also have to speak English, you don’t have to be a native speaker, but a good level of understanding is essential.   

So do you think you have what it takes? Head on over to our recruitment page and get applying, we’d love to hear from you.