What happens when you book an escort to your hotel room

There's a sense of electricity in the air, an idea that anything is possible. When you're only in London for a short period of staying at a hotel, anything is possible.

This makes booking an escort even more exciting.

As soon as you give your name and details to our receptionists, the clock is set, and it’s only a matter of time before you hear that knock on the door.


Firstly, your chosen escort receives a phone call informing her of the booking, and she begins to get ready. She’ll get herself ready applying make-up and styling her hair while deciding which outfit will be elegant enough for the location.

Once she makes the decision, she’ll pour her perfect curves into an expensive dress and finish it off by attaching stockings to her garter belt.

You’ll wait in your hotel room, possibly tired and drained from a day's travel. You’ll take a shower and change your shirt and feel a little more refreshed for doing so. You’ll call down to room service and order a bottle of champagne.

Now is the time to indulge in such finery.


When the car arrives for her, she’ll take one last look in the mirror and decide whether she’s appropriately dressed for you.

In the car, she’ll review the details of the booking, which room number and which floor she needs.

A spark of excitement will start in her chest as she wonders the person behind the booking and what the night is going to hold.


The champagne will arrive at your room as you’ve pulled on the clean shirt, you’ll leave it too chill, and you’ll wonder if she will live up to her pictures.

Surely no one could be that sexy?

The car will arrive at the hotel, and she'll say goodbye to the driver.

As she passes through the doors of the Central London hotel with a polite thanks to the doorman.


Sweeping past security and the receptionists, the only people to notice her will be a man who sees her profound beauty.

Still, she will already be in the elevator before anyone notices she was even there. As she waits to the elevator to reach the desired floor, her anticipation feels like it’s going to explode out of her.

She’ll knock on your door, her hand shaking a bit and as you open it, you’ll be lost for words for a moment.


Sexy doesn’t begin to describe her, words like stunning, delightful and exquisite don’t even come close. You’ll thank your lucky stars you chose to book a glamorous escort from LondonEscorts.net

She greets you like an old friend, her hand caressing the back of your neck as she goes in for a hug, her curves pressed against you for a fleeting second.


The night stretches out in front of you filled with fantasy and possibility.

As she enters, you’ll offer her some champagne, and the sky will go dark as the two of you become better acquainted.