Industry Terms

Escorting is a profession like any other and with the profession comes a number of services and aspects to the job. Today we thought we could take you through some of the lingo used in the companionship industry and what it means.

So the next time you find yourself on our website browsing our gorgeous London escorts and you can't seem to figure out what all the random letters are next to her services, then let us school you so you can confidently make a booking knowing exactly what you're in for and if you wish to request a type of service you know exactly what you're going for.

So without further ado let's get into the different lingo used in escorting and what it stands for starting with:



The GFE. Probably the most popular of the bookings stands for Girlfriend Experience.

The girlfriend experience basically means booking your escort for a standard relationship esque booking.

This is pretty vanilla and straightforward and is respectfully named because whatever you would normally do with your partner, is available in the girlfriend experience.

Companionship with a few drinks and maybe some food and a conversation is what this booking is all about, and of course the pleasure fruits of what couples get up to.



The DFK stands for deep French kissing and is usually part of the GFE package. C

ontrary to what many people believe escorts do enjoy kissing their clients and to provide this as a service.

Deep french kissing includes intense kissing with tongue involved.

Escorts don't refrain from kissing their clients, just this type of intimacy has to be part of a service like everything else.



The PSE is the Pornstar experience. You might have guessed in contrast to the girlfriend experience this is a lot more X-Rated and generally hardcore.

More things are included in this service such as deep throat and deep french kissing.

The porn star experience is more hardcore than the GFE and sometimes even includes real pornstars although the hourly rate for this type of service as you can imagine is considerably more.



A-Level in most other terms means 'top tier' or just the top of the brass. If something is A-level it's of the highest quality.

Although all our escorts at London escorts are A-level top tier, elite models, in the world of escorting A-Level simply refers to models who are willing to perform anal.

This of course usually costs extra but is still a popular service for many clients.



OWO is short for Oral without and simply means to get oral without penetration. Some clients prefer to simply have an oral booking and don't actually wish to go any further with their escorts so this type of booking is perfect for those clients.



Reverse oral is of course, the opposite to oral in which the client proceeds to perform oral on his escort.

This is a service many clients love booking and if you take a look at our gorgeous London escorts that we have to offer, it's pretty obvious to see why all our services are popular.

Thank you for reading and happy booking!